Everyone autistic person is different and has their own strengths, challenges and personality.

There are some things people may have in common, but it is important to appreciate the spectrum of autism and to appreciate each student as an individual.

In this film students highlight how everyone is different and the importance of getting to know each person individually.

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Talking in Pictures film

The following short film was put together by George Watts and casts a side-eye at the common stereotypes of autism. Created using photos sent in by local autistic adults in response to the question “what makes you happy?” The images sent in response to this deceptively simple question speak volumes about the depth and richness of autistic people’s lives. Suffused with joy, it challenges people to reassess the beliefs they hold about autism.

Things not to say to an autistic person

From the BBC (Warning: Contains suitably strong language)

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Strengths and Expectations

Listening to students

Taking an inclusive curriculum approach

Literature on the double empathy problem (refers to theory of mind)

Milton (2012) – On the ontological status of autism the ‘double empathy problem’

Chown (2014) – More on the ontological status of autism and double empathy