This online resource is intended for the use of all staff at the University of Birmingham. It is informed by the experiences of autistic students*, who gave their views through the work of the AuVision project.

The resource is designed so that users can find specific information quickly and easily or gain a deeper understanding of a particular topic by using the links provided.

The ideas and suggestions within this resource are shared with the understanding that they will not necessarily be applicable to everyone or every situation, but may contribute to the development of a deeper understanding between staff and students.

Information will be repeated within the resource. This reflects the natural overlaps between topics and the fact that the resource is designed so you can pinpoint the specific information you need.

It is hoped that you will find the resource useful and will share it, or parts of it, with your colleagues.

In their own words is a video which can be viewed as one 12 minute clip, or as 2 minute segments according to themes. Students share their experiences and members of academic and support staff explore good practice. Each segment explores an issue in depth and provides key takeaway information.

Further reading offers links to further information about autism generally; about autistic students in higher education and general support links.

Being an autistic student at university – students share their experiences of being a student on the autism spectrum via several short films.

University teaching and learning  – links to specific films and information about how to support students with their academic studies.

Further support at the University of Birmingham – where to go – further sources of support within the University of Birmingham.

* the identity-first language of “autistic student” is used here as it is preferred in the autism community, though individual students may use their own language of identifying.